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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thank you very much. [applause] bill: clear theme for the past 30-plus minutes now, nations must work together in cooperation to solve global issues, ticking off cuba and iran and libya's examples, used syria and russia as a foil to that theme. there's going to be a lot of analysis about this speech throughout the day here on the fox news channel, but we are out of time. you're back tomorrow? heather: i am. bill: right on. "happening now" starts right now. bye-bye. jenna: and we start off with a fox news alert. the president, as you just saw there, joining leaders from around the world at the u.n. general assembly meeting in new york city with a whole lot to say, and we have a lot to look at today. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the commander in chief wrapped up his speech. russian president putin and chinese president xi are expected to take the podium shortly. later today president obama will meet face to face with president putin for the first time in
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nearly a year at a time of escalating tensions over russia's expanding role in ukraine and the middle east. we have fox news team coverage live from the united nations with eric shawn standing by. we begin with kevin corke though. kevin? >> reporter: good today to you. the president, frankly, covered an awful lot of ground in his comments, but i think most notably he slammed bashar al assad, the syrian president, for bombing his own people. i think you could also make the argument, jon, that that was pointed perhaps as much at the russians and their support for the renegade assad regime as it was to as saturday himself -- assad himself. the president also made a bit of news when he said, look, the u.s. would be willing to work with anyone on syria, including russia and iran, and maybe, just maybe, that's a prelude to his conversation coming up later tonight with vladimir putin. >> we're told that such retrenchment is required to beat back disorder, that it's the only way to stamp out terrorism or prevent foreign meddling.
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in accordance with this logic, we should support tyrant ares like bashar al assad who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent chirp because the alternative is surely worse. alternative is surely worse. >> this is the thing about what the president was trying to unpack with his comments. he is essentially saying you cannot go back to the free war status quo. you have to come up with something different for the safety and security of the syrian people but the global community as we'll. we have seen a great deal of hardship especially with trying to make it over to europe. i will have the full read up at five o'clock but back to you. >> kevin cork, outside of the united nations, where most of the world's leaders are gathered. later in the hour, we look at the tension between the yens and
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russia and how the two nations -- tension -- might address the situation boiling in the middle east. >> and the iranian president is attending the meeting and he will deliver his own re marks in a couple hours. >> reporter: he's defending the remarks death to america but in a couple hours the iranian president is expected to reach out to the world and we believe he will defend the controversial nuclear deal, address the continuing crisis in syria, and the terrorist fight against isis. he has been here in new york over the last two days and spoke to the u.n.sustainable development program on saturday in which he addressed these issues and met with world leaders. it has been said that they are willing to cooperate on human
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right and the nuclear agreement is an important step forward. >> we are eager to cooperate with our neighbors to promote regional, sustainable development through active environmentally diplomacy, constructive relations with other countries, transfer of technology and knowledge, and participation in joining scientific activities. >> reporter: but these folks don't buy any of that. you are looking live at video across the street from the united nations. this is a demonstration by iranian-american activist against the regime there. it is held by the national council of resistance on iran whose leader said the security council patience has the have a mechanisms to track the billions in funding that will flow to iran for the deal. and she should they should be
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prosecuted for supporting terrorism not praised at the u.n. >> he is a criminal and a butcher. he represents torture, execution, and oppression. >> reporter: the president of iran will meeting with leaders today but there is no plan to sit down with president obama we are told. >> for more reaction to the president's address let's bring in bret baier, the anchor of special report, a fairly long address, wide ranging as well, and talked about the iran nuclear deal and did a little crowing saying that is the way the system is supposed to work. anybody in the general assembly growing in in agreement? >> i think people in that room
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are probably happy largely, minus israel, that the nuclear deal is there and moving forward. i think the overall theme was working together as an international body on these big issues. that said, critics back here in the united states, obviously have a big problem with the iran deal and how it is structured and iran getting money that it continues its support of terrorist groups around the region and the vacuum in the middle east is the other thing. it is being filled by russia. you heard the president on the issue of syria saying he is willing to work with any nation, including iran and russia, when it comes to syria. put that in context. iran and russia want assad and his regime to remain in power. this is a president who said many times that assad should step down, his days are
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numbered, it is u.s. policy to see that regime leave. that appears is not happening any time soon. >> he criticized russia for the an axation of crimea saying it was a failure and he is supposed to meet with vladimer putin later on today, right? >> that is the dichotomy today. that is it the talking tough about ukraine. but what the united states did to pressure russia about their actions in ukraine, remember we are not providing weapons to the ukraini ukrainians at all, we saw crimea be anexed and has a different time zone and passport now. the meeting this afternoon will be interesting.
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>> let's talk a little domestic politics. there is no fallout from house speaker john boehner's resignation. he had this to say about his critics: >> the bible said be aware of false prophets. there are people out there spreading the noise about how much can get done. i mean the whole idea of shutting down the government to get rid of obamacare in 2013? this plan never had a chance. >> who takes speaker boehner's post? kevin mccarthy is getting the attention. >> i think he should be the next speaker of the house. >> i think it is fair to say kevin has the inside track to be the leader. the important question is will things change? will they change for the better or do we replace boehner with
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someone else who will do the same thing? >> that is the question. kevin mccarthy has worked hand in hand with mr. boehner and will there be a change? >> we will ask the house majority leader that tonight. he is on special report tonight at 6:00 and we will talk about the race for speaker, would there be any change and the tough issues ahead. i think the base of the republican party is angry. they are angry things have not been done. they are angry there is no standing up and passing through legislation, even if found for a presidential veto, to push it through. there is no convincing of moderate democrats in the senate to get on some of these bills to push through. and i think that is the frustration in the party base. how does kevin mccarthy change
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the dynamic from boehner? that is a real question. it is not certain he has the votes needed to get the speaker shift. but he is on his way. we will ask him about that. >> boehner said there is not going to be a government shutdown this month. >> yeah. i think speaker boehner is going to put forward a clean, continuing resolution, which means this cr would be a short term funding of all of the government, including planned parenthood, and if he has to pass that, with democratic votes, so be it. i think that is the message you are getting from speaker boehner and democrats will be more than happy to do that avoid any confrontation. republicans will say where is the backbone. and you will have to fight, probably in december, when the cr is punted down to the next
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fiscal cliff. >> when john boehner is no longer speaker of the house. it will be fascinating to watch. thank you, bret baier. tune into special report as brett mentioned he has a live and exclusive many who are calling to be favorite for the next speaker of the house. the third person from the president. majority leader kevin mccarthy. and donald trump unveiling his tax plan today. he gave a little bit of a hint as to what would be in it yesterday saying certain americans would be exempt from paying taxes all together. simple, easy and fair is what he said his tax plan is about. peter barns has the details for us and will break down the plan later on in the program. that is happening right now in new york city. in the mean time, more politics, bill clinton speaking out about
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hillary clinton's ongoing mail scandal. what the former president says about the republican critic and the media. he led the expedition that killed cecil the lion and what the hunter in zimbabwe says about the charges against him. and two accused robbers bragging on facebook about how much cash they got from robbing a bank. not a smart move. can you guess where they are now? i think the pictures give it away. we will tell you about that after the break. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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crime stories we are following. lawyers for a woman set to be executed tomorrow for a woman in georgia making an appeal to spare her life. the woman was convicted of conspireing to kill her husband in 1997 after her boyfriend pleaded guilty to stabbing the husband and testified against her. her lawyers argue the drugs used in the lethal injection
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constitute cruel and unusual punishment. the hunter charged with killing southeast -- cecil the lion in zimbabwe is asking for the charges to be dropped. and two bank robbers brag about their new cash online helping the ohio people track them down. they posed with a wad of bills on facebook and now they are being held on $250,000 bail. back to politics, bill clinton speaking out in defense of his wife calling out the gop and the media claiming they are overhyping the e-mail scandal with bill clinton essentially calling it much to do about nothing. >> reporter: the pushback from the former president and ms. clinton is coming as new fox polls show the democratic
8:17 am
frontrunner hinging support. clinton harkined back to the '90s when she decried an investigation an her husband where all of the earlier allegations were not true. >> can you explain about the alternative explanation? >> another conspiracy theory. >> you wanted to make it difficult for congressional workers to susubpoena -- subpoena your e-mail? >> that is totally ridiculous. >> reporter: in defending his wife, former president clinton portrayed the e-mail controversy as almost entirely a creation of the republican party. >> every since watergate something like this happens. so i would rather it happen now than later. it was always going to happen. the other party doesn't want to
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run against her and if they do they would like her as mangled as possible. >> reporter: the former president said the state core coverered the diplodiplomacy an approval ratings were amazing. >> the nature switched to political. they are not giving the job away. this happens. >> reporter: the latest fox news poll found 38% of viewers viewing her as favorable down from 45% in may and half of women are rating her negatively. >> reporter: a showdown at the united nations with president obama and vladimer putin set to meet face to face amid the rising tension in ukraine and syria.
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. we are told trenchment is required to beat back this disorder. it is the only way to stamp out terrorism or prevent foreign medling. we should support tyrants like assad. >> in about an hour, russian president, vladimer putin will speak to the world body followed
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by a rare face to face meeting. the united states is seeing moscow as metling in the region. >> we support the legit governments of syria and it is by deep belief any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the legit government creates a situation in which you could witness in this region or other regions for instance libya where all states institutions are desi designed -- desinigrating. >> it is nice to have you. let's look at what vladimer putin said last night and today. interesting hearing from our president and putin on syria because essentially they are
8:24 am
mapping out two arguments here. you say vladimer putin is involving himself in syria not only because of confidence but because of fear. what could he be afraid of? >> i think it is a couple things motivating putin's decision to get more involved in syria. russia doesn't have many international allies. they don't want to see assad go down. part of this is the related to that. but a big component is russian domestic opinion. and that is over the last several years, as we have seen the russian economy slow down, mr. putin can't tell people i am growing the economy and seems in ukraine and now syria, to sell the russia people on the idea russia is a great power on the international stage. >> i want to talk about ukraine. there is no much news at the u.n. we have the chinese president addressing the assembly and we will listen in for a brief moment.
8:25 am
>> the charter of the united nations is laying the foundation of the order and establishing the principles. this was an achievement of profound impact. mr. president, dear colleagues, on the 3rd of september, the chinese people together with the world's together remembered the 70th anniversary ending of the war. at the main theater in the east, china made a national sacrifice of over 35 million casualty and
8:26 am
thus made a historic contribution to the victory of the world's anti-fascist war. history is a mirror only b drawing lessons from history can the world avoid repeating pass calamity. we should review history with all human conscious. the past cannot be changed but the future can be shaped. bearing history in mind it is not to perpetuate hatred but it is for mankind not to forget the lesson. remembering history doesn't mean being obsessed with the pass, rather in doing so we aim to create a better future and pass the peace from generation to generation.
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mr. president, dear colleagues, united nations has gone through the test of time through the past seven decades it has witnesses efforts made by all countries to uphold peace and pursue coalition. having risked a historical starting point, the united nations needs to address the central issue of better promoting world peace and development in the 21st century. the world is going through a historical process of accelerating evolution. the sunshine of peace, development, and progress will be powerful enough to penetrate the clouds of war, poverty and violence. the movement toward a multi polar world and the rise of emerging markets and developing countries has become an
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irresistable trend in history. this is at the advent of the information age and has unleashed and boosted social forces and created unprecedented opportunities and given rise to new threats and challenges which we must face scare -- squarely. >> about 90% of the world leaders are here in new york city for the 70th gathering. that was the chinese president. and we expect coming up in a short while, vladimer putin, will have his chance to speak. ambassador piper is here and we were talking about syria and putin. our president stated just because the alternative isn't good in syria, that doesn't mean we should support assad but that is what vladimer putin is saying.
8:29 am
this is why we need to support assad. who has the solution, ambassador? >> well, i think this is one of the big problems in trying to look toward a way where the united states and russia can cooperate on syria which is what is the place of assad? in the american view, assad has to go. he is responsible for killing many more syrians than isis but russia says assad has to stay. until they can come up with a solution to that conundrum that assad's presence presents it will be difficult to see how russia and others might cooperate. >> one question lingering is if the territory stays the same. does syria remain the same or does it look different? because of your expertise in crane i want to play what president obama had to say about ukraine and a little bit of vladimer putin last night from "60 minutes".
8:30 am
i am doing this because it might give insight on what the conversation looks lyi like tod. >> we cannot stand by when a nation's sovereignty is violated. if that happens in ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered >> do you have a military presence on the border of ukraine and some are arguing there has been russian troops in ukraine? >> well, do you have a military presence in europe? yes. american tactical nuclear weapons are in europe, let's not forget that. what does this mean? you occupied germany or transformed the occupation forces into nato forces? and if we have our military forces on our territory on the border with some states you believe this is a crime?
8:31 am
>> governor putin's demeanor is different on ukraine when speaking about syria. >> american troops are in germany at the invitation of the german government. the russian troops that seized crimea in 2014, the russian troops that are in eastern ukraine today, are not there at the invitation of the ukrainian government. the good news from ukraine is for the last month there seems to be a real cease-fire but russia is not using their influence to move other aspects toward peace deal that was worked out in february. most people are seeing what the russi russians are doing is a tactic to calm the situation before vladimer putin speaks today and create a situation where they can undermine the sanctions in europe.
8:32 am
i hope the president says russia needs to do all they can and a meeting is supposed to take place in paris between vladimer putin, the president of ukraine, and german and french leaders. >> great to have you. and we look forward to having you back. >> thanks for having me.
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you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. a quick look at what is still to come, former volkswagon ceo is now the focus on an investigation by german
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prosecutors involving the scandal over the rigged emissions test. and days after being cannonized by the pope a statue of was vandalized. a man trapped inside his car and the dramatic rescue caught on came camera. we will show you. republican candidate for president, dr. ben carson, grilled over the controversial comments me made over a week ago that he would not advocate electing a muslim for the presidency. he is facing media challenges but are the media playing favorites when it comes to the legal hot potato? alan combs is here and tammy bruce as well to talk about this. the media were back at it this
8:37 am
weekend asking dr. carson about the comments. this is something they feel is important. >> obviously nothing else is going on in the world, right? nothing else to talk to dr. carson about. let's remember this is the springing from the donald trump heckler moment. i think a very important lesson about how to handle the media as well. you notice they are not going after trump regarding the heckler. that was a short lived event. but they have begun to apply it to other candidates who they believe they can harm. trump is not dealing with and that tells you can actually control the nature, take positions, not be harmed by it and the media responds accordingly. i think this has been a two for one for the media. they can affect the way the republicans are viewed and not talk about hillary clinton. >> let's take a quick look at a headline in the new york post.
8:38 am
michael goodwin wrote a post about this saying exhibit a. he said carson should have dodged the question and that is what most political candidates do. what do you think about that? >> hillary clinton was on with chuck todd and the entire e-m l e-mail -- interview was about her e-mail. i reject that notion. "the new york times" story is there is no e-mail we know of that is compromising national security. ben carson said someone who observes the tenants of islam should not be president. that is contrary to what the constitution says and if that is your view of the constitution you should be held accountable because you don't know the constitution or how it works. >> the question raised is why are the media not asking joe biden, if he is running -- >> he is not running yet. >> the other democratic
8:39 am
presidential contenders. why are they not asking bernie sanders what he thinks about hillary clinton's e-mail? >> probably because of what they are doing with trump. the e-mail issue is a political witch hunt for people who don't want hillary clinton to be the nominee because they are afraid of her knowing she will probably win. that is what this is about. making it an issue with other democrats, fine. but bernie sanders said he is not getting into personal issues. he is talking about politics. >> alan's response is a perfect example of there presumption that because of the e-mail scandal we will not ask others. i think ben carson should be held accountable for the comment he made. this piling over like a river of mud on the other candidates shows a partisan bases. if you have an approach, if the
8:40 am
media does, of asking other candidates about scandals or positions of the other candidates, they should do the same with the democrats unless there is a partisan bias and they are protecting the other candidate. >> it is a huge hypothetical question. why get involved? >> if i were interviewing i would be happy to ask about hillary clinton's e-mails. you have a congressional committee looking at it. this has been going on for how long? >> if you are interviewing the other candidates who is talking to o'malley? >> i will talk to him today and ask him about it. >> you are talking to jim web but that is a good point. the media is not talking to hillary's competition. and i think there is a lot of men trying to get traction and they are being ignored. another sign of a partisanship that if you were really interested in what people thought you would actually be interviewing those people.
8:41 am
>> i will ask lincoln chafey as well when he is on this week. >> thank you both. >> a little more politics and business. donald trump unveiling his tax plan today and it is getting a lot of attention. better barnes has more on the details. >> reporter: mr. trump just spent the speech and he would eliminate income tax for 31 million low income workers that pay at least some income tax. individuals earning less than 25,000 and families earning less than 50,000 he would cut the top rate for higher income workers from 39.6 percent. but would eliminate deductions and tax breaks for them and cap some tax breaks for some middle class workers. he would cut the corporate tax rate to 15% from 35%. now, but again, also eliminating
8:42 am
tax breaks and deductions. he would tax companies overseas earning at 10%. if they leave their earnings overseas there is no tax unless they bring it back to the united states. and on capital gains he would cut it from 20% from the current 23.8%. >> it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. and all of this does not add to our debt or deficit. >> reporter: we will wait to say more details on that to see if we can verify that. he added the plan cost him more in taxes because as you know he is a very, very rich person. jenna, back to you. >> i heard that once or twice but who better look at a tax plan. we will see with when we get the
8:43 am
details. as volkswagon is dealing with the fallout from the emission rigging scandal we are learning another automotive brand is also affective. and vandals leave their mark on a statue of a newly canyonized saint and why officials are saying it could be vandalism.
8:44 am
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is the big company that doesn't act that way. >> the former volkswagon ceo who resigned is now facing a criminal probe. wintercorn is being investigated to see if fraud was committed in the sale of vehicle with manipulated emissions and audi said it has vehicles affected by this as well. a statue at the carmel mission basilica, which is the burial site of the father
8:47 am
junipero serra, was knocked over days after the he was canonized as a saint. critics of the decision say serra mistreated native americans. we have more. >> reporter: police call this a hate crime because the vandals only destroyed or desecrated the headstones of whites and europeans, not native americans nearby. suspects toppled the statue of junipero serra at the carmel mission basilica where he settl settled. church goers planned to ered up e the sainthood on the paint, and the knocked over statutes. pope francis canonized serra despite critics saying he enslaved native americans and
8:48 am
suppressed their culture while helping establish california. >> the native americans here have described this as genocide. the native american population after the spanish colonization went from 300,000 to 5-10,000. >> pope francis defended serra saying the fire sought to defend the dignity of the native americans. police are looking over the surveillance video. security guards were supposed to be at the location over the weekend so they unclear how this happened. heavy rain is bringing flash floods across the gulf coast and tropical storms in the gulf could make things worse down south. plus a man trapped in his car
8:49 am
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>> it is going to be a busy hour. russian president vladimer putin is set to address the un and we will bring you what happens closely and watch for remarks. >> and hillary clinton's unfavorability hits a record high as she and bill clinton lay the blame on the drip, drip, drip of her e-mail scandal on the republicans' laps. >> a major league pitcher choked
8:53 am
his star teammate on live television and his manager leaves him in the game. unacceptable? or no big deal? >> all of that plus our #oneluckyguy. >> and fox extreme weather showing heavy rain and thunderstorms moving across the gulf coast toward florida as a tropical depression is forming off the east coast in the atlantic. we have more. >> hi, jenna, good to see you and hello everybody watching from home. we have a tropical depression forming across parts of the atlantic ocean. it is forecasted to remain weak and it could intensify to a tropical form but not impact much in the way of land. i want to go to the gulf of mexico. we have an area that is disorganized and strong wind sheer tearing it apart and not allowing it to intensify.
8:54 am
we are looking at a big plume of moisture out here. even if it does become a tropical depression or storm the big concern with the system is the rain fall associated with it. we have been seeing rounds of heavy rain across parts of the florida panhandle and other areas in the east. you can see the radar precipitation totals we are talking about locally three or four inches across the handle, southern parts of alabama and into the new orleans area. we had severe weather out there over the weekend and that say forecasted to continue as the plume moves northward. it is some welcome news in parts of the panhandle, alabama and into georgia because we have dry and drought cessionditions in s cases. when you get too much rain, even though good news, you will get the threat of flash flooding. we have a number of watches
8:55 am
along the gulf coast and parts of the coast of florida because three or four additional inches of rain fall could be possibly and locally we could see up to eight inches. it feels like summer in the plains with temperatures well in the 80s and 90s like in el paso at 96. it is humid out there in the southeast as well along with summer-like temperatures. right now, a dramatic rescue captured on camera. check this out: the driver is trapped inside here with two broken legs. officers quickly jumped in to free him. he is in the hospital now.
8:56 am
but clear why he drove into that canal. >> a sixth student died after the crash of a duck boat into a charter boat in seattle and what investigators are learning. and nasa announces a discovery from the exploration of mars and what it could tell us about life on mars. and what do you think about president obama and putin's face to face meeting? anything you see will get accomplished? join the conversation by going to
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>> we had a little preview as to what vladimer putin was going to say on the big topics but you never know. >> wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting? >> we will hear the speech and the meeting with the president later on today. it is going to be a busy day. we will see you back on "happening now" in the next hour.
9:00 am
>> "outnumbered" starts now. russian president vladimer putin expected to start speaking any minute at the united nations general assembly. you are looking at jordan's king addressing one of the most highly anticipated summit. it is the first time putin has shown up to talk at the assembly in more than a decade and expected to make the case when its come to syria assad's force is the most capable force of fighting isis and needs to be strengthened. we will bring you the remarks live when we get them. >> and this is "outnumbered." i am andrea, and harris faulkner is here, host of kennedy, fox businesses kennedy, and ainsley earhardt is here, and we welcome back


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